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3 Things That You Don’t Know about Erectile Dysfunction

Who Suffers From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – also referred to as impotence – is a condition in which a man may have difficulty getting an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse, or maintaining it long enough to ejaculate. Roughly half of Australian men aged 40 and older have some degree of erectile dysfunction, though they may be hesitant to speak about it. Unfortunately, keeping their health status a secret from their doctor will not do them any good in the bedroom and may also prevent them from finding an adequate solution. Men who have suffered from this condition are usually well aware of the stigma regarding a man who isn’t always ready for intercourse, not to mention the damage that can occur within relationships when a sexual partner feels unsatisfied or even unattractive to their lover, so there is usually a very high desire to change the situation even if someone is reluctant to get help.

Need Sex Help Soft Penis

Professional help

Before seeking professional help, it is advisable to take stock of the situation and determine whether or not the problem is temporary, easily fixable through lifestyle changes, or something that a physician needs to assist with. In some cases the underlying issue is something very simple, perhaps a problem with the relationship which would be remedied if the couple works on their problems together or even splits up and the two form relationships with other people. This is unfortunate, but in some cases it is a very easy remedy. Other times there may be outside stress contributing which could be anything from financial difficulties to deadlines at work.

Psychological factors

If there isn’t any real psychological pressure outside of the unsatisfactory erections, it is time to begin looking at lifestyle factors, something which can often be remedied at home without the aid of a doctor. Some of the most common causes of lifestyle-induced erection difficulties all pertain to substance abuse. Alcohol, as a nervous system depressant, can have the most immediate effects which are readily apparent when someone becomes too drunk for intercourse and cannot obtain an erection while inebriated. This can later translate into constant erectile difficulties, even while sober. Using other drugs, especially other depressants, has a very similar effect.


The relationship between smoking and erectile problems is more complicated because smoking tobacco can cause two different issues which both contribute to weakening erections. The first and most obvious is the fact that smoking is bad for the heart and causes the arteries to narrow and gives similar results to high blood pressure in that regard.

The second factor is one many people do not know about: saltpeter. Saltpeter, also known as potassium nitrate, helps cigarettes to burn properly, but it also decreases the libido and makes it more difficult to get an erection. Regardless of the legality of these substances, they should be avoided for health reasons, and especially because of their impact on penile erection.

Obesity is the final lifestyle factor that contributes to erectile difficulties. Not only does being overweight damage blood vessels and make the heart work harder to circulate blood, it actually disrupts hormone levels by reducing the amount of testosterone because fat cells aromatize testosterone into estrogen.

Avoid if taking

If lifestyle changes do not produce the desired results, it may be time to speak with a doctor. Why is it important to be open with healthcare providers about less-than-satisfactory erections? Mostly because of the fact that treatment can – and usually does – improve the situation. There are some causes of erectile dysfunction which absolutely must be addressed by a physician, such as:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Side-effects of medications

Severe cases

Unfortunately in rare cases there may be little which can be done to assist a man in getting firmer, longer-lasting erections. This can occur when there is damage to either the penis itself or the nerves and blood vessels responsible for blood flow to the area.

Sometimes it happens because there has been trauma to the pelvic region due to surgeries, accidents, or other injuries. While it is not typically seen, in some cases the man may have a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease, which causes scar tissue to develop within the penis and can sometimes even result in a very visible curvature which in some cases is so dramatic that even if an erection does become apparent, penetrative sex may be impossible to achieve.


While it is advisable to make healthy lifestyle choices and, if necessary, seek the help of a physician, in some cases the best thing to be done is opening one’s mind to other possibilities and seeking out ways to be intimate that don’t depend entirely upon the penis. This is especially true at an advanced age, when erectile difficulties become more and more common and sometimes energy or mobility becomes limited so that other forms of intimacy hold increasing appeal. Rather than a race to achieve some pre-established goal, couples should decide together what feels most rewarding and enjoyable to them, at whatever stage of life they are enjoying together.

Dr. Mark Reed

Physician at Arizona hospital
Dr. Mark Reed had always loved friends Arizona with its pretty, precious people. It was a place where he felt proud to be a member of the community. He was a compassionate, healthy, athlete with thin arms and long legs in high school. His friends saw him as an enthusiastic, delightful student. Once, he had even helped a sneezing old woman cross the road near the market. That's the sort of man he is. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Mark walked over to the window and reflected on people and his surroundings. The sun shone on his career and he embraced his new life of helping others. After a talk as a guest speaker at Stanford one year, he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure just like a young version of Dr. Mark Reed. This was a caring student with tired arms and a frail hand. Dr. Mark saw it as an opportunity to reach out and become a mentor. He was not prepared to see a version of himself during his speaking appearance at a local college. As Dr. Mark stepped outside and the young med student came closer, he could see the wet glint in his eye. Dr. Mark gazed with the affection of a father. He offered to help him when it came time to do his internship. That is the kind of caring person Dr. Mark has become known as. Dr. Mark always does kind things for patients such as warming the stethoscope. The people Dr. Mark has helped at the Arizona hospital where his work has made him a pillar of the community. Dr. Mark regards his patients' tired limbs with care and always has a way of making them feel comfortable. After graduating from Arizona State University Dr. Mark went on to Harvard before taking a residency at Johns Hopkins University. After several years, he eventually announced he had been accepted at a prestigious Arizona Hospital. Dr. Mark focuses on being ethical, his emotions are always in check, and he is determined to serve his patients to the best of his ability.
Dr. Mark Reed

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I began experiencing erectile dysfunction too early in life. I was confused and highly upset. My girlfriend is not very understanding about these situations and that is only adding to the problem. I am afraid that my relationship will end because of it. She is urging me to see a doctor

Erectile Dysfunction is often an embarrassing problem for a man to seek treatment for. I have had only two encounters with men having this problem, and both were not OLD men which is a common misconception regarding Erectile Dysfunction. Both of my experiences were with men who unfortunately suffered from mental illness and addiction to narcotics. As the Opioid crisis continues across the country, I suspect the number of men affected by this problem may go unreported and the statistics of actual cases will be vastly underestimated. On the reverse side. I have also met a young gentleman, who did not have erectile dysfunction, however he reported to his doctor that he did in order to obtain prescription medication. His thought process was that he would be able to perform longer and that would please his partner. I am sure this is also common and a dangerous, or at least “risky” behavior.

My husband has suffered from this condition. It runs in his family as they get older. He is very insecure about the situation but it doesn’t bother me. The condition can get worse as the person gets older and it can make a person feel overwhelmed and insecure. It also is not good for someones sex life. IT can be a very serious condition and it needs to be a treated by a lisenced doctor.

I can’t get hard. My meat is soft all the time. It just flops around like an earthworm whenever I try to jerk it. I feel like I’m not a man because my dick can’t get hard. I can’t please women. My wife left me.

My wife has been very understanding regarding the erectile dysfunction that I’ve been experiencing the past few years. Sadly, I cannot take Viagra or Cialis because of a heart condition, so we’ve tried pumps and all sorts of fantasy scenarios as stimulation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I used to suffer from erectile dysfunction until I started eating better, exercising, and using Viagra when needed. I still have problems from time to time but nothing like I used to.

Erectile Dysfunction is very hard to live with wether you are in your early age or elderly. All men need to be able to satisfy themselves without this aggravating consequence standing in the way. There are all sorts of medications but I have not found one that works for me yet. Finding a solution to get my man working could save my marriage and bring about some much needed stress reliever. The turmoil it cause my sex life is unbearable and I need to be able to satisfy my wife for I feel she may leave me for somebody with a better working Johnson. It is a very scary and painful thing to think about. Also it makes me feel like less of a man that he dont want to get up and work for me after all this time. Hopefully something will give in soon so I can rekindle my sex life with my wife and give her the man of her dreams again. The doctors cant seem to help, the meds cant seem to help, the roleplay doesn’t seem to help. I just dont know what else to try anymore and I need the peace of mind of knowing that he still wants to work for me and for my wife.

Since I had to quit a position at a job due to health issues, my confidence had taken a real hit and it shows when I try to get intimate with my fiancee. I am 31 years old and began to look for alternatives to help me with my ED issue. I’ve taken the over the counter libido pills that you find at drugstores and while they assist in getting an erection, maintaining an erection is a persisting issue. I’ve tried penis rings and while they worked at first, I’ve adjusted to the tightness of the ring and it no longer helps in attaining an erection. Products like ExtenZe seem to work better than the libido pills, but they come with side effects like heart racing and headaches along with not knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. I believe I’ve found a product that works without the side effects, but that is still to be determined over time.

I began experiencing erectile dysfunction shortly after my first combat tour in Afghanistan. I didn’t know exactly what was going on and couldn’t figure out why I was having troubles with my sex life and performance. About two years ago I went to my primary care practitioner and he had diagnosed me with ED. I was prescribed Viagra and I have had great success using it to enhance my sex life!

I had this trouble for awhile. I went to see a doctor and he put me on some medicine. Once I got on that medicine I was like a beast. My sex life got a whole lot better and I am glad that it did get better.

I started having problems relatively young, I wasn’t even 40 years old. It was occasional at first, and turned into a real problem in about 2 years. It took me another 8 months to work up the courage and talk to my doctor about it.

At first I lied to myself about my erectile dysfunction. I always came up with some sort of excuse. But finally, I looked into it, and with the use of medication, I’ve finally been able to put these worries behind me. At first I just couldn’t stay hard enough to pleasure my wife fully. I was also unable to reach climax a lot of the time. I blamed it on alcohol, or having a bad day. But the truth was that it was ED. Now, I am able to satisfy my wife, and achieve a long lasting erection, with an incredible orgasm at the end. For us both.

I have suffered from erectile dysfunction for quite a long time now, and it really is brutal. I can not pleasure my wife how she likes whatsoever, and it makes me feel inadequate every single day of my life. I am completely devastated by it and I do not know what to do.

Suffering from erectile dysfunction is no joke, and I have suffered from it for quite some time now. It is simply terrible. My wife is simply insatiable sexually, and I now have to watch her have sex with other men instead of being able to have sex with her myself.

I had a erectile dysfunction for years. I never took a pill for it. However I did go to see a psychology for many months. After about 2 years of going to a psychologist I finally found out why. I was not in love with my current wife. I got divorced. 4 years later got married with someone who I love and she loves me back. I haven’t had a problem since then!

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