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How to Finally Find a Weight Loss Solution That Will Work for You

Obesity and Weight Loss In Australia

So I had a mate who lived in Australia, this guy weighs 130kg and hasn’t been doing anything but complaining since I met him about how badly he wants to lose weight. Personally, I live miles and miles apart from him so I was worried there wouldn’t be much I could really do to help him, but after we’d talked online long enough playing WOW together I finally told him that we were going to make his dream a reality. Ideally, he wanted to lose 30kg but said he’d settle at 20 if he could gain some lean muscle mass.

Lose Weight

Losing weight Australia

And that’s one thing I’ll always suggest when it comes to losing weight, once you’ve made your mind up that it’s what you want, you need to find someone you can trust to see it through to the end with you. Having someone nearby, or in my case far away, that can truly hold you accountable for your actions is a stronger tool than even the most calorie strict meal plan you can find. But even more importantly, it has to be what YOU want. If my friend had just been on the fence about changing his life and body for the better, chances are he would have failed before he even started. The fact is that if you don’t really want it, you won’t get it, so make sure you have the determination to see it through to the end eh?

Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise right? That’s what you always read, over and over, in every magazine, on every article. And it’s true! Those are two things you shouldn’t put on the back burner once you’ve found your motivation. What I WOULD tell you to watch out for is the easy way out… you know what I mean… “Lose weight quick” “get fit fast” “lose 20kg in one week”. for some reason, all we want is quick results, not real results. And I get it, who wouldn’t want to lose weight fast right, but you have to be honest with yourself. Losing weight too quickly is the biggest mistake you can make when dieting, not only is your metabolism going to slow down but when you’re done you’re going to get bigger than ever fast.

Plan of action

That’s why my friend decided to come up with a plan of action because it’s all about the journey and not the destination right? Well… I guess the destination is kind of important when you’re trying to get healthy but don’t neglect how you get there! So we started an online blog, public to the whole world, including all our measurements, and our ideal weight. Loser has to post a video singing “let it go” in an Elsa costume and post it to their countries YouTube. Max 2 kg per week would be counted, winner takes all.

Go to the gym

What a success, we would “go to the gym” together via Skype 3 times a week and chat it up while we worked it out. Shared our meals on our blog, and posted weekly updates of our progress. It was great. There really is nothing like accountability, honesty, and a little friendly competition to make the most effective weight loss program ever. Obviously do your homework, find an exercise plan that works for you, and healthy food options you’re not going to hate. Research at showed that most importantly do it with someone that can push you to not give up.

The payoff

So finally the big payoff, after all, we put in the work and picked our meals carefully. Lean meats, fruits, and vegetables just like every single book ever tells you. We went to the gym 3-4 times a week EVERY week for the entire duration, (and occasionally had a cheat meal or two!). So how did we do? Well, 6 months and a lot of sweat and tears later I had lost 17.8kg! No matter the result, I felt better, I looked better, and I was so proud of myself. And as for my friend? Well, it turns out he had a few more reasons to be proud of himself than me because he dropped an amazing 21.6kg! Needless to say…the snow never bothered me anyway.