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Erectile Dysfunction: How to Avoid and Treat the Unhealthy Condition

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How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Men In Australia

A major topic among men is erectile dysfunction, yet it does not receive the amount of discussion it should. Aging is part of life and as we grow older our bodies start to malfunction. There are steps you can take to mitigate your physical decline with age but one thing you can’t control is erectile dysfunction. The grim reality is do men experience erectile dysfunction yet have kept it a closely guarded secret or do not seek professional help. It is important to not just try to find medication but to seek a doctor who can properly diagnose your condition. For example, some medications cannot be combined with others and erectile dysfunction medication can react severely with nitrates taken for chest pain.

What is erectile dysfunction

You must be very aware of what medications you are prescribed and if you have any kind of heart condition there is a risk you may not be able to take an erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra or Cialis. Most men however can benefit from taking Viagra if they are experiencing erectile dysfunction. When trying to explain exactly what erectile dysfunction is, you must first understand the chemical process behind it. Most people will be able to tell you that erectile dysfunction is when a man’s penis no longer gets hard, but they really don’t know much more beyond that. There is an interesting process behind getting an erection that involves chemicals in the body and enzymes.

How an erection works

When a man become sexually stimulated, a chemical process is triggered and the result is an erection. The process begins when a man becomes sexually stimulated and a reaction occurs in the brain sending chemical messages to the blood vessels in the penis. This causes the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis to expand allowing more blood and then is going out. Two areas of the penis called the corpus cavernosum will expand and fill with the blood that is coming in making the penis erect. When a man has erectile dysfunction, this process is interrupted by an enzyme that cancels the chemical message to the penis from the brain. This results in a frustrating experience of not being able to get any wrecked penis.

Erectile dysfunction can be a major inhibitor for couples sex life especially when they are trying to start a family.

Medications that don’t mix

If you have a heart condition or are taking medications including nitrates for chest pain you may be one of those men who cannot take erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra or Cialis. Do not worry, there are actually some natural remedies that can be quite effective. The first thing you should always do is consult your doctor about any problems you’re having, especially when it comes to your genital organs. That being said, you can always try a dose of L-arginine which can help widen blood vessels and improve the blood flow of the penis. There are some side effects of L-arginine such as cramps or diarrhea, but many men has had success with this approach. Another natural remedy known to help improve blood flow is called Ginkgo.

Alternative remedies

Ginkgo is described as having a positive effect on blood flow and is made from dried leaves of the maidenhair tree. It can also help with memory problems comet I health, and enhancement of cardiovascular systems. A root called Ginseng is also another natural remedy that shows promise for treating erectile dysfunction. There are several different types of Ginseng and the only side effect is having trouble sleeping. If you are willing to put up with a little insomnia, it is worth giving Ginseng a try. Horny goat weed, as its name suggests, has also been known to improve sexual performance. Horny goat weed is a herb sometimes taken to improve sexual function but there is very little research around it.

Pharmaceutical solutions

If you do decide to take a pharmaceutical approach to treating your erectile dysfunction you could consider taking an erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra, Cialis, or Kamagra oral jelly. Speak with your doctor and seek a professional diagnosis and opinion about these medications first before trying to take them. They can be found at most pharmacies in Australia and even at some online pharmacies.